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2013 Hyundai Elantra GT For Sale Langley

Elantra GT for Sale

The beautifully designed and elegantly styled Hyundai Elantra is here for 2013, and it’s sexier than ever. Voted the Canadian and North American Car of The Year for 2012, this spicy sedan is perfect for families, commuters or those that just love a good ride. The Elantra is one of the most well appointed cars of the year, and we’re proud to have it in our line-up. With its 5 year, 100,000 km comprehensive warranty, it’s also backed by one of the best car warranties in the country, and is also priced under $16,000. Can you believe it? 


Elantra Interior

Six airbags, 4-wheel disc brakes and an anti-lock brake system complete with electronic stability control give the Hyundai Elantra its stellar safety rating. This small car packs a punch with it’s 7” navigation system, ensuring you get exactly where you need to go with no wrong turns, too! The navigation system also features a back-up camera, ensuring safe parking.

Entry into the Elantra is extremely easy too, with the proximity key and electronic push button start. The key fob simply needs to be near enough to the car to ensure that the driver is inside, and the car is able to be unlocked and you can start the engine. Heated rear seats are another fabulous option in the 2013 Elantra, as well as a power sunroof and hands-free Bluetooth system to help keep you safely connected. 


Elantra Exterior

Extremely well developed on the outside, the 2013 Elantra provides a feeling of luxury, without the drastic luxury car prices. This bold and audacious car comes standard with 17” wheels along with black inserts for an added sexy look. The front grille of the Elantra is high gloss giving it an extra shimmer, as well as the oft-touted side view mirrors. The mirrors are slightly larger to increase your field of vision, increasing safety when parking and making lane changes. 


The rear view camera is positioned on the outside of the car, and flips up when in use. This is to ensure you won’t ever have to worry about damaging it when you’re loading and unloading cargo, or when you leave the vehicle unattended. 


Performance/Fuel Economy

Elantra Coupe and Elantra Sedan are standard with a 1.8 L 16V engine, with Continuous Variable Valve Timing. Automatically adapting the intake and exhaust valve timing, the CVVT engine outperforms engines without this capability in both efficiency and emissions. At slower speeds, the engine idles more smoothly to also reduce fuel use and lower carbon output. 


The 2013 Elantra GT is standard with a 1.8 L V6 Engine that delivers above average fuel efficiency and a greater HP rating than the Coupe and Sedan. A lightweight aluminum block head makes this possible, and this engine option offers 7.2 L / 100 KM in the city and 4.9 L / 100 KM on the highway. 


2013 Elantra Review

The 2013 Hyundai Elantra has been voted Best Car in Canada and North America for a reason – it’s everything you’ll need, at a price you can afford. Excellent economy, a sleek and luxurious look with bold interior options that make driving a pleasure! Speak to one of our sales representatives to test drive an Elantra today.