2014 Hyundai Accent Sedan

2014 Hyundai Accent Sedan2014 Hyundai Accent Sedan

The 2014 Hyundai Accent was built for drivers who want reliability and great fuel economy – but that doesn’t have to stop it from being fun.


What makes the Accent different from every other car in its class is direct injection. With this technology, fuel is injected directly into a combustion chamber, rather than through an intake tract, allowing it to be atomized and burned more thoroughly. What does this mean for you? More power (138 hp) and better fuel economy (5.2L/100km, or 54 mpg highway with automatic transmission).

Hyundai Accent for sale

Speaking of transmissions, the Accent stands apart with the choice of a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic. With closely spaced ratios and a tall sixth gear, the manual keeps driving fun on hilly backroads, and provides quiet operation on long highway stretches.

The six-speed automatic sets a new standard for the compact class, where four- and five-speed automatics are the norm. The automatic makes great use of the 123 ft-lbs of torque provided by the direct-injection motor, moving you off the line with surprising pep.


  • Six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission for responsive city and highway driving
  • 138hp direct-injected engine for maximum horsepower-per-liter
  • 5.2L/100km (54 mpg) with automatic transmission
  • Cargo space for days
  • Well-bolstered, premium quality cloth seats for road trip-worthy comfort.


You don’t really know the Hyundai Accent until you’ve taken it on a six-hour road trip. And when you do, you realize how much it matters to have a well-designed, properly bolstered seat. Drivers love the Accent because it has just the right amount of padding: enough to hold you in on fast corners, but not too much to make it feel like a couch.

The premium cloth material is easy to clean, because let’s face it, we all have drive-thru accidents. Passengers love it because it doesn’t feel compact. You never feel crowded for headroom or legroom in the front seats, and the back seats have enough space that you don’t have to rock-paper-scissors to figure out who sits behind the driver.

The motto for cars in this class used to be “if you want space, buy a truck”, but the Accent didn’t go there: 13.7 cubic feet of trunk space means you’ve got enough space for two Costco shops at once. With the seats folded down, you’re looking at 47.5 cubic feet of “I don’t need a minivan to move.”

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2014 Hyundai Accent Sedan for sale