Dealerships in Langley

Dealerships in Langley

  • Premier service from an outstanding dealership
  • Superior customer service and client care
  • Conveniently located at 19459 on the Langley Bypass
  • Finance and Parts Departments to round out our full-service dealership
  • Trusted as the largest volume Hyundai dealer in the Metro Vancouver
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Choose a dealership that has your best interests not just at heart but also evident throughout our store and reflected in our customer service. Langley Hyundai is proud to be one of the top Hyundai dealerships in the area – with recognition that includes being welcomed as a member of Hyundai’s Signature Program.

A process that involves inspection and careful analysis of dealership qualities and options, this J.D. Power program means you’ll receive a top-quality dealership experience. Join us today at Langley Hyundai and let our team of professionals get to work for you. We want to offer the superior care that gets you on the road in the vehicle that has all the features you deserve from a dealership that goes above and beyond – Langley Hyundai!

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What This Means For You

Working with Langley Hyundai means you’ll receive the care and consideration that Hyundai CEO Don Romano has pointed to when referencing dealerships that have earned the Signature Certification: “If we are going to differentiate ourselves, we need to become more aware of what our customers want, and exceed their expectations during what we are calling our 'moments of truth'. These moments are those critical points of interaction with the Hyundai brand, and Hyundai dealerships, when customers invest a high amount of their time shopping our products."

Effectively, the promise of the Signature program is to offer customers quality assurances and through the involvement of an oversight committee, each dealership is inspected and set to certain actionable goals. It is then through this that customers benefit from a clearer message and a positive time in the care of those integrated into the program itself. This isn’t to suggest that the commitment to customer service was absent previously, only that it has been refined.

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What Can You Expect?

Thanks to a review by outside professionals, Langley Hyundai has received additional training and coaching for staff to best reflect and embody the latest Hyundai value system. By meeting and exceeding the standards expected through the process Langley Hyundai has received certification and the recognition as a Hyundai Signature Certified Dealership.

The essential purpose of the program is to encourage regular and continuous growth and improvement within each dealership and the employees within. Through this process of self-evaluation and training everyone benefits. Alongside the Hyundai Signature Certified Dealership program, Hyundai has also established a District Customer Service Management title for Hyundai Canada which is expected to play a larger role within the company as a whole. Come down to Langley Hyundai and experience the advantages that come with a modern dealership set to higher standards.

Langley Hyundai – Vancouver’s Top Hyundai Dealership

When you begin your search for a dealership that offers unparalleled service, there’s no better location to start with than Langley Hyundai. We take a great deal of pride in knowing that we’ve connected with a customer when they visit us. It’s what reminds us that being honest and friendly are qualities that still make a difference in the lives of those we work for and work with.

Visit Langley Hyundai today, strategically located at 19459 Langley Bypass, in Langley, British Columbia just a short drive from Vancouver. We have created an easy-to-use form on our website to submit your questions, or are available by phone at 1-778-292-5815. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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