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Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup rumours

Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup rumours

For over a year now we’ve been hearing bits and pieces from Hyundai regarding the concept they revealed in 2015 for a Santa Cruz pickup truck – and for most of that time they have remained just that – rumours and gossip. 2016 started off with a proverbial bang, however, with announcements for refreshes and updates on current generation Hyundai models as well as some interesting reveals at the Detroit Auto Show.

At the Chicago Auto Show we got to see the introduction of the 2017 model Santa Fe and Santa Fe sport models – adding revised headlights, taillights, and fasciae, these impressive SUVs have been given a little love over their 2016 options. Alongside the cosmetic changes, Hyundai has upped the technology options – which was rather expected, but all the same appreciated.

Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup rumours

Unfortunately for those who were expecting more news about the pickup variant, however, Hyundai’s reveal do not give us any additional information to support or entirely refute the option for this year or even the following one.

That said, Hyundai has just revealed the launch of its new Genesis luxury line – with the intention of offering drivers 6 vehicles by 2020, so, there is the lingering possibility that we’ll be hearing more about the next wave of Hyundai’s other products after the excitement over the new marque has calmed.

We’ll keep offering you more information as it develops!

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