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Purchasing a vehicle is a very exciting thing, although there are several decisions that must be made before the transaction is made. Among those, choosing between a used car in Surrey or a brand new model is something that must be decided. Incentives are offered with both new and used car purchases, but there are a number of downsides to each. Your vehicle purchase should not be made until all sides are evaluated for buying a used car in Surrey. Let’s take a closer look.

Many people looking for a vehicle assume that buying used is always the best option. Is this true? For some buying a used car in Surrey is beneficial, although others will find that a new vehicle is more appropriate.

The advantages of buying used:

  • Lower sticker price
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Own the vehicle faster
  • No sales tax

How about the disadvantages of buying a used car in Surrey? They include:

  • Someone has already owned the vehicle
  • No warranties or guarantees standard
  • Costs of repairing a used vehicle can be higher
  • Chance of buying a ‘lemon’

Could a new vehicle be in your future? For some drivers this is a possibility. As with buying used, new vehicle purchases offer advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of purchasing new include:

  • Bragging rights –everyone wants to tell all of their friends they own a fresh off-the-lot vehicle.
  • Warranties are offered when buying a new vehicle.
  • New vehicles require less repairs, so money is saved on maintenance of the vehicle
  • Driving a new vehicle leaves you with less worry of an accident or a break down
  • More safety features than older model vehicles

And, the disadvantages of a new vehicle purchase:

  • A new vehicle is more expensive than purchasing a used car in Surrey
  • Insurance coverage for a new vehicle can cost twice as much as the costs of coverage for a used vehicle, as ‘full coverage’ is required before the purchase is finalized
  • Monthly loan payments are usually higher than what would be spent buying used
  • Buying new means that more payments need to be made before full ownership of the vehicle occurs

Advantages and disadvantages come along with both new and used vehicle purchases. Before automatically assuming that used cars in Surrey are the best deal, make yourself aware of the advantages and the disadvantages of them all.

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